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Hello good Evening, today am going to show y’all how to card as many iPhones for as cheap as $50 without even bothering paying the rest. 

Will teach y’all how to pay for debt on a postpaid account without it charging back to lead to cancellation. 

And will also answer the question on whether you can just buy an old postpaid account from an online shop, add card and ship phones to your personal address; if the answer is yes, will show uwhere to buy them and if No, will explain why. 

And finally, the whole truth about people asking you to buy online prepaid cards like Walmart MoneyCard or Vanilla cards or other cards and asking you to activate card with $200 before they can load it, will show the tricks with that. 

Some of the answers above will be posted in the PART 2 of this postpaid card tut, so you have to read that too, this Pdf is just the Part 1. 

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 How To Cart Phones on AT&T Postpaid Account Tutorial

1. When you are given a postpaid account, first login and look for the total balance due. 

2. Now click on PAY NOW 

3. This is the next page that will come, Click on MAKE A PAYMENT. 

4. Now there are two (2) main ways to make payment of the debt. 

a. Debit, Credit card 

b. Bank account 

Carders are used to using Debit or Credit cards to make payment but it is not safe, it can easily charge back and it will affect the job you did negatively. 

So, if you want to do a professional job, don’t choose debit/credit card option when you are paying a debt (except you are a professional carder who knows his way around it. 

5. Now when you choose bank option, you have two (2) choices 

a. Either to pay with the Account and Routing number OR 

b. You Sign into the Bank’s Online access (Username & Password). 

When it comes payment of debt on postpaid account 

Using Online Logins is BETTER than Using Account & Routing Number and that one is also BETTER than using CC/Debit card. 

6. Now you will be asked to choose among the banks there, you can buy a hacked bank login at this stage from Online shops to make this payment. 

7. Click on OK, GOT IT. 

8. Any Online bank will work here. However, if you can’t find your bank log’s name in the list of banks, then you can just pay with Account Number and Routing Number information. 

9. This is a confirmation message I got when I recently made a payment on a Verizon Postpaid account using bank login 

10. Now that we are done paying the debt on the postpaid account, let start shopping the iPhones. 

11. After you have paid the debt due on the account, we can now start the shopping process. Now click on Phones and Devices. 


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12. There are so many phones here, you can even get an iPhone 13 for as low as $2.78, imagine buying 10 of them for such a low price. Reason you get it that low is because they have divided actual price of the phone into monthly, so you only pay the first month. 

13. Click Continue. 

14. Choose any of the plans. I prefer Starter Plan as you always get the cheapest offer in that Zone. 

15. Click on “Go to Cart” to add to cart 

16. This one is up to you, you can decide to add it, besides the cc isn’t for your parents so you can add any accessory to it. 

17. Now click on Checkout 

18. This part is very important. You cannot change an address on a Postpaid account. You cannot ship a phone to an address different from the one attached to the postpaid account. If you try send to a different address, it will get declined for sure. 

19. You will be asked for the CC/Debit card information. I will send some of the bins I used which were very good soon, you can search for more bins of your own since a bin can be casted if almost everyone online is using it. 

20. Now that the credit card has being added successfully, click on submit Order.

21. Accept terms 

22. Everything done. Submit order. 

23. Page loading 

24. Once you are done adding a phone to cart, you can add 5 or 6 more phones or lines. 

25. Carded Successfully 



a. Don’t waste your time creating postpaid yourself 

b. Don’t waste your time buying postpaid from online shops, because you will only be allowed to ship phones to the address attached to the postpaid, you can’t re-route to a different address. 

c. So, make sure the account is owned by someone you know, or else you will waste your time buying phones for someone else for free. 


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