Chime: Direct Deposit Prepaid Top Up Tutorial

Chime direct deposit

Today i will be teaching you all a Direct Deposit Tutorial i wrote last and still what almost every Nigga is cashing out with, it has not casted yet.


Direct Deposit: is sending payment directly into an account or prepaid or CashApp, Chime, GreenDot etc that why logs which do direct deposit ask for Account number & Routine number of the Payee/receiver.

NOTE: Not all banks have direct deposit feature, many banks have bill pay but don't have direct deposit so take note.

Direct Deposit is one of the few methods of cashing out which wont cast/spoil soon because almost every money transfer method revolves around direct deposit. 

Even the Government pays stipends via direct deposit and also all US local and prepaid cards like Cash App, Moneyloin, Greendot etc; all accepts direct deposit.

Even if you don't know how to do any online job, even if you are a complete newbie who never get luck with any job. All you gotta do is remain anonymous to keep cashing out the money and not getting caught and getting the right tools and bank logs for work, once all this are sorted out, you can become a billionaire overnight by just following these Simple steps;

Best banks for loading prepaid banks/cards

• Huntington bank

• FNBO bank

• Bluefcu Bank

• Hills bank

• Principal bank

• Suncoast Credit Union


1}• After you’ve successfully logged onto the bank log you bought, this is how the dashboard should look like

2}• Just locate the BillPay option to begin with your transfer

3}• Now you will be asked either the bill payment is been sent to a Company or a Person. Since we loading our personal drop account just select  Pay a Person 

4}• Now you have the options to send payments for both check or Electronically. Just tick the Direct Deposit or  Electronic Option

5}• Fill in with your drop/receiver information 

• Full Name

• Account and Routine Number

• Account Type

• Phone number 

6}• Make sure to enter all information correctly and when everything looks good proceed by selecting Next

7}• Most of the Banks at this point will like to verify your Identity by sending a verification code to either email  or Phone Number, that’s why I always recommend you buy bank logs with Email  access

8}• A verification code will be sent to the email 

9}• Now enter the code you got from email  and click Next

10}• Now on this page you will see the Payee info you just added, all you’ve got to do is;

I• Choose date to send payment, money  delivers in 2 days 

II• Write the amount to send

11}• Direct Deposit doesn’t cast account but I recommend you send amount not exceeding $50k. Submit payment once you ok with the amount

12}• On this review page it will show you the delivery date of which your payment will be posted. It takes 1-2 business days. Once everything looks good then you click Submit

13}• Payment Scheduled Successfully 

14}• Now after 2 days, the direct deposit scheduled will reflect on the Receiver's account 

If you need a VPN to secure your location on phone, you can use;

• CyberGhost VPN

• Surfshark VPN


• Express VPN

• Etc


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