Welcome to Email Marketing Basics

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Welcome to effective email marketing strategies.

Welcome to Email market strategy

This course is designed to give you tips and advice for growing your business or organization with email marketing.

This course begins by showing you how to get your email marketing program off the ground and how to build your email list while complying with regulations and consumer preferences.

Then I'll show you which types of email content and designs are most effective, and I'll give you tips for coming up with good content and making your content more valuable. 

I'll also show you how to adapt your emails for mobile devices, how to combine emails with social media, and  how to automate your emails to save time. 

Tracking your emails and avoiding bounces, spam filters and blocked email is also important.

 So I'll show you the best practices forgetting more email delivered, opened and read. All of this and more is just a few clicks away. 

So let's get started with effective email marketing strategies.

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