Method To Pickup Apple AirPods

What Those It Requires To Start The Method To Pick Up Apple AirPods

This content was written for you who want to lean how to boldly card an AirPods and for who ever want to know how to cart anything accessories from Apple for free without passing through any stress or any difficulty. Before we start, there are some certain things you need to know for you to successfully card apple products, you will have to take a some steps as I will be showing us today in this content.

Assuming you’re lazy like me, you will be able to cart as many as you want, and get 90% success since you have all the required information. Since this method deals with pickup move, you should need someone that can pick up item for you with his/her address or that can also go to the nearest store to pickup items for you which will be required during the process. For a better knowledge let’s begin the process.

What Those It Requires To Start The Method To Pick Up Apple AirPods

The Requires are listed bello: 
  1. VPN or Socks5 IP.
  2. Make sure you use the Credit Card (CC) That has billing address matches the person who want to pick the item Zip code. 
  3. Creat an Email that matches the credit card (CC) first name & last name. 
  4. Pickers(person who want to receive the item for you ) full name and address.
  5. Someone to pick up (can be your friends, can be your family). 
  6. You most have Two(2) void number.
Now for use to use all this requires to start this process to Apple AirPods, we need, it’s a most to take a steps. 

Pickup Method To Cart AirPods Steps 

For us not to do any mistakes you need to follow my steps according to, In ascending, don’t make attempt to take a step if your requires are not complete and function properly otherwise this might end it up in bad results.   so I will be taking you through Eighthen(18) Steps I hope that’s not too much for use to understand.

1• Check IP : firstly as you want to dive into this process your device IP Most be connected to the state or zip of the picker according to his/her address, I hope we all know how to Connect VPN. so if this is not connected already you have to connect it before you start this process. 
Check IP

2• Visit Website : Once you confirmed that your step one is DONE now you can move to the next step. So let’s visit the apple website, which is, to click on accessories. 
Visit Website

3• Look for Holiday Gifts : on this page you will have to scroll your device screen till you locate to see holiday Gifts, once you see that click on AirPods (2nd generation) or any accessories bellow the price of $200.
Look for Holiday Gifts

4• Add Bag : choose at least 1(one)  accessories and click on add to bag. 
Add bag

5• Quantity : confirm to be sure in the quantity section that you don’t select more than One (1).

6• Check out : this is the check out page so let us Click on the check out button to proceed to our next step. 
Check out

7• Sign in for fast check out : After the check out page a page will pup up to so let’s continue as a guest. 
Sign in for fast check out

8• How will you like to get order : so now it’s time for us to use our picker address to receive the order to his / her mail box, input the picker zip code to apply. 
How will you like to get order

9• Showing store near: the nearest store around your picker zip code will be listed to you on your device screen 
Showing store near

10• I will pick it up : here you should select a store that is not too close to your picker address 
I will pick it up
11• Schedule Time : with your picker discuss a time that he /she will be convenient to go pick the items up at the store, and click on continue to proceed.  
Schedule Time

12• Who want to pick up : in this page they want to know if it’s you will want to come to collect the item, since it’s not you you will have to choose “someone will pick it
Who want to pick up

13• Now fill out picker information : input the picker details, First name & Last name (you may type in any random mail and void number ). 
Now fill out picker information

14• What’s your contact information : you will type in the email you created for this process that matches the credit card (CC) details with the void number and click on “Continue to Payment”. 
What’s your contact information

15• How do you want to pay :  this is the page to input your credit card (CC) details. 
How do you want to pay

16• Billing Address : here is where you input your Credit Card Billing address. 
Billing Address

17• Payment Checkout : since you input all the the required Credit Card information correct, you can now scroll down and click to “place your order”
Payment Checkout

18• Express pickup Tomorrow : the item will be available for pickup in the next day or the same day depending on the time you selected. 
Express pickup Tomorrow

NOTE 📝: card most be functioning active 


Keep eye on your email to check time to time, because you will get a mail that will instruct you on how to pick up the item. Picker will go to the store to claim the item with his / her Name and ID matching the name you filled in the picker section. The picker must write down the order number sent to the email institution to pick up the AirPods. 
The number will only be used to verify the picker name and not for security purposes, so you don’t have panic. 

Free BIN : 440065 / 522525


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