Start a Business Method To Receive Package from Any Country To your Local Country with International Label For Shipping

Good day guys in this content I will be teaching us how to ship items from foreign countries. Most of you guys are having goods and items outside the country but you don’t know how you can receive without costing you a dime, and you’ve have been looking for a way to ship your goods and items to you. Don’t find it difficult this tutorials will lead you through, This post will explain to you clearly on how to do an international label by picking your goods and items from many countries like USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ , Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ , Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ , UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 

The most interesting part is that you can also use my same tips to move a design check to your friends, relative or client address for you or move a letter from one please to another place. Due to my experience, majority of people prefer to use FedEx, in this case I use the other way around, for you if you’re interested and prefer to use FedEx Method, kindly drop a comment in this post bellow, so that can trigger me to post an article about it. 

What is the Meaning of International Label Shipping?

It is a way of getting your purchased product shipped to you where ever the country you may be reside, at a fee. For instant after I posted a “Method To Pickup Apple AirPods”, a lot of friends asked me to know which way they can get their purchased items and products to be delivered to their country, cause most of them are in African countries such as: South Africa , Ghana, Nigeria E.T.C


Label websites are used for purchased items and products pick up to be sent to your local country. Although there are numerous online platforms that offers label shipping, but in this post I’m going to work you through how to use bitcoin postage, we don’t need a credit card with this website. For payment Bitcoin is what we’re going to us, pick up address, and where to send the items and products.

Shipping Method for International Label 

In this method I will be working us through some steps to pick up and Ship any items to our local country, in few steps. 

Firstly open your browser and Google search “bitcoin postage website” watch your browser if you see this in the picture below click on it to proceed with me. 

This is an example of the page. 
Bitcoin labeling international shipping

As at now, the website POSTAGE TYPE is united postal service(UPS) , Deutsche post and Canadia post, If you want to label from United state(USA), you most chose the united postal service.
Bitcoin labeling international shipping

Bitcoin postal will require for the items length, weight and all information you will have to input in this section, to know, Check the website that you bought the package πŸ“¦ from, all information are there.
Bitcoin labeling international shipping

In the first section of “FROM”, that is where to input where your package is shipped from or where your friend that keeps the package for you is, and in the section section of “TO”, you will input where you want the package to be shipped to in your local country.
Bitcoin labeling international shipping

To choose from this options, It depends on any package you’re shipping or labeling. 
Bitcoin labeling international shipping

In this page it will show you where to input the description of your package, push on button “ADD”. Enter the labeling name and click “GO”, while doing this don’t forget to input the quantity.
Bitcoin labeling international shipping

Your package weighs will depends on the price you will be billed, click on “add to cart”
Bitcoin labeling international shipping

Push on button “CHECKOUT


After the checkout the next page will show you where to enter your email and you should also choose your payment method as Bitcoin or monaroto click on place order. 


You will see a pup up from the bitcoin payment page make sure you copy the certain amount you’re shown in the bitcoin cause that’s the amount you’re paying and pay


Once the payment is successful you will be patient for no days you chooses in step no 8 till you get your package delivered. 


Sometimes if you card from any shop to anyone and the person refuses to ship the item for you, this method can be used to get  your items from the person and ship it to anywhere you want to ship it to or to your country, I use this method most time if I want to wire a check. I can also write an article on how to do FedEx international labels, kindly drop a comment below. “Drop the FedEx Method ”







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