How to Get an Email Marketing Job Done

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How to Get Job Done with Email Marketing

You'll need at least two technologies to execute your email marketing strategy an authoring technology to create the content of your emails in HTML, and a delivery technology that has the ability to deliver and track email sent to a large email list.

In order to do literally everything on your own, you'regoing to need to own your own 

•email server. You'll need 

•extensive programming knowledge and and •database skills.

I don't recommend doing absolutely everything in house, even for a large company with lots of technical resources.Instead, use an Email marketing provider or (EMP) to help you run your strategy.

What is an Email marketing provider or (EMP)

An EMP is a company that offers a suite of tools to help you create, send,and track your own marketing emails. Most EMPs allow you to create emails without the need to know any HTML or other programming languages. And you won't need to set up and manage your own email servers and delivery gateways. 

Because EMPs send the email from their servers on your behalf, their customers will never know the difference, and you'll probably get better delivery rates too. 

EMPs give you tracking reports and database tools to manage your email lists. And some EMPs even provide support and educational resources to help you gain expertise in marketing and the use of the EMPs tools.


Enterprise level EMPs give you access to advanced features such as 

•point of sale integration, 


•advanced segmentation and 

•behavioral targeting. 

Remember that one of the most important aspects ofyour email marketing strategy is your email database. Make sure you use a company that secures your email database properly and protects the privacy of your email list subscribers. 

In the NEXT section of the course, Is how you how to protect your database in another way by avoiding unsubscribes and spam.

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