Ways to Transfer Money to Prepaid Card With Debit Card (Online Manually)

In this article I will show us how we can transfer money to our prepaid card with debt card ; step by step manually.

Morichgan transfer from debit card to prepaid card

This may be more convenient for use to receive and send payment online other than prepaid cards?  Virtual cards are also known as prepaid cards which they can be used to receive and send funds and more to that, easier reload. Money transferred from a debit card to a prepaid card online can a a real great ways to top up🔝Your prepaid cards account.

I can easily described debt card as a payment card that is linked to credit union or checking account, few mobile money wallet are also permitting their users to have access to Debt card. Do you can easily access your money at anytime for use, either your want you purchase anything online, buy things from store , withdraw cash from ATM or POS ,send funds to someone else, pay bills online 

Debt cards is frequently confused with Prepaid cards. Although the both card are functionally identical, they differ slightly in terms of how they are obtained

The use of  Bank, Mobile wallet or Credit union are requires Debt card; however, Prepaid cards does not require any of these. Through to to be told, Banks and Credit unions have the access to be linked with Debt card, meanwhile prepaid card can not 

Most of all companies that provide Prepaid cards gives users the access to manage their accounts online. To open and have access to manage your online account, you can simply download and app from your card issuer or find a link that will direct you to the issuer’s website. It all relies on the team of your card issuer service provider. 

In fact, App is the most safe and secure way to manage your account than browser to do such. In this case so many browsers are lacking appropriate protection to prevent Phishing (spammers link), which hackers might easily access to your account details. 

They are more options to use Debit cards than to just send money. They can also be used to topup 🔝 funds to Debit card or Credit card either through online or locally (at Stores/at ATMs) many users are not even swear that this is possible. The most secured wages tondo this is to use it Online 

Ways to transfer money to prepaid card online using debit card? To complete this process kindly login to debit card account online to make the transfer, when Logged in locate a button that describes money transfer section and click on it to begin the transfer process. However, for the transfer to be done when completed,  your recipient prepaid card routing number and account number will be required. 

Money can also be transferred from Debit card to prepaid card locally at any ATM / STORE. If you are interested know more or you think this might be useful to you on how to complete such transfer. Continue to read this article. I’m this article I will show us two effective methods that will be easy for us to transfer money to prepaid card using debit card. 

What is Prepaid Cards? 

A prepaid debit card is similarly working as a gift card which it allows users to spend that is available amount of money on the card. A prepaid cards can also be recharged (topup/reload) at any ATM / Store or Online. Banks issues prepaid debit card and branded by Discover, VISA, MasterCard and America Express, among other major credit card providers. 

How To Get a Prepaid Debt Card?

You can get a prepaid debit card as simple as getting a debit card , it doesn’t concern about your credit history before you can apply for the card, in fact, if you’re having a ChexSystems record, you can apply to receive the phone card. Some prepaid cards issuers permitted their audience to apply for card online and get it mailed to there address that you provided as mailing address. After the card is delivered to your mailbox, you most active it quickly before you can have access to use it at. A typical example here is The Go2bank.

How to get a Debit Card?

It is easier to get a Debit Card. Besides, a debit card can be get freely by opening a bank accounts. To get debt card, is more convenient to get debt card with your bank account and most banks offer debit cards for free to all their customers. 

Here I will tell us some methods to get bebt card

1• Open a Mobile Wallet Account

Not all mobile wallet can provide debit card for you until you request. Payoneer, cashapp, Venmo and PayPal are few examples. While some have limitations on how you can obtain the card, others, such as Payoneer will deliver the debit card to your physical address if you request it and your account is valid to do so. 
You most have a valid Phone no and Email address, While opening an account with most mobile wallets. After that, you will be required to submit further information in other to complete your account verification such as physical address incase if they need to mail you and Identifications documents in other to confirm if you have input the correct name and date of birth. 
If your account is not fully verified it has a repercussions, it can cause low daily transfer limits and low account balances. 

2• Open a Checking Account

 A Checking Account can be opened with a credit union or Bank. Debit card are also issued by some banks for specific savings accounts. These are the following details that will required to open checking account:

  • SSN (social security number ).
  • An Identity Document (state identity/ drivers license/ international passport).
  • Physical Address (mailing address). 
  • Valid Phone number. 
  • Email Address (@gmail.com/@yahoo.com). 
With all the above, you will be permitted to open a checking accounts online or at the nearest credit union’s  or bank  brand the you prefer and feel okay with. It may be unstressed and faster to open and account online. 

You can go to the institution’s website or download the application and the information required in other to complete the process online, After filling all the forms, you will be required to upload your documents for verification, by your choice you may request for a debt card as you are filling the application process. 

Most of credit unions and banks will respond to you application in minutes, while others may delay for some days or hours. In either case you will be given an account. Once your account application is approved, a debit card will be issued by your financial institution, which you will to activate for use according to their instructions.  

Can I Transfer Money From Debit Card to Prepaid Card? 

Yes, through your card provider’s online platform, money can be transferred to you prepaid card using your debit card online, you can also perform this activities locally at ATMs

How to Transfer Money from Debit to Prepaid Card 

In the process of  this transaction a prepaid card most be a totally different institution while moving funds from a debt card to a prepaid, in which the prepaid card’s routing no and account no will be required in others to complete the transfer. 

There are two way to transfer money from debit card to prepaid  card (ONLINE & LOCALLY) 

How to Transfer Money from Debit to Prepaid Card Locally 

(ATMs) Automatic Teller Machines is I machine that gives you access to transfer funds from one card to another. As a result, by making use of the buttons on the ATM screen, you will be able to transfer funds from your debit card to a prepaid card. Follow the procedures that I outlined bellow,  to do so 

  1. Insert your debit card into the ATM.
  2. Select your preferred language. 
  3. Enter the Debit card pin an click “yes” to proceed
  4. On the ATM screen you will locate a button that describe “Fund Transfer ” click on it. 
  5. Input the prepaid card issuer and account number for the recipient. 
  6. Choose an account type. It can either be current account ore savings account. 
  7. Push the “correct” button after you entered the amount to transfer. 
  8. Click “yes” to confirm the amount you want to send. 
  9. The funds will be successfully sent to the prepaid card account. 
Take note 📝 of this that the procedure that I outlined above may be quite deferent feom most banks. 

How to Transfer Money from Debit to Prepaid Card Online  

To transfer money from debit card to prepaid card online, if your have access to your debit card online platform, then it will be easier to transfer money from it to your prepaid card , let say for instant you debit card was issued by bank it will be very sure that it has online banking platform and that what is need to use the bank account as a bridge. Your debit card is automatically linked to your bank account so any debit from the bank account will reflect on the debit  card balance. 

To complete all the process, you will need to get the prepaid card’s account  no and routing no at first, then you Will now login to the debit card online banking platform to initial the transfer from there. Usually, the account providers provide detailed instructions to transfer money to a prepaid card in the banking app. 
However, ACH transfer take up to 2-4 days , wire transfer are instant  to complete 

Can You Link a Prepaid Card to a Bank Accounts?

It is not a most to link a prepaid card to a debit card or bank account before it can work. Although you can link your card to your bank account or credit card if you like it’s by your choice, if you do so it will be convenient meanwhile it will be easier for you to topup your prepaid card balance with money feom your credit union or your bank account directly without asking for any additional information before your transaction to be processed. 


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