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Crypto games are game played to earn and own digital asset like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), rather than playing games for nothing.

These games can either be played on Android, iPhone and on personal computer. Some of these games allows you to create your own NFTs and earn digital assets simply by carrying out quests, winning battles and completing tasks.

Today on Morichgan, I'll be listing out the best crypto games you can keep playing to earn crypto assets in your crypto trading app or wallet.

Best Games to Earn Cryptocurrency

The reward systems in each game are quite different and getting paid depends on how much time you spend playing and tasks you'll complete in due time.

Axie Infinity

Most Popular Crypto Game to Earn NFTs.

Axie Infinity Cryptocurrency Game

Axie Infinity is a pokeman-inspired game that enables players to collect, keep and nurture creatures called Axies.

These Axies are NFTs that can be traded at open marketplaces like Axie Infinity Marketplace, Rarible, Opensea etc. You can battle your Axies in exchange for Smooth Love Potion (SLP) cryptocurrency.

Digital assets earned in the game are used for paying breeding fees in the game. In addition, you can also sell them on exchanges.  However, in order to start trading with these axies, you have to own at least 3 axies, Axie infinity can be downloaded from Axies official website, it’s one of the best crypto games to make money online nowadays.

Crypto Cats Play To Earn

Crypto cats is an Android phone game best to earn cryptocurrency. However, to earn and claim reward on this gaming app, you'll have to complete quest and some other tasks.

Crypto Cats Play To Earn Crypto Game

Additionally, crypto cats game is quite addictive and it has a lot of game modes. Therefore, you can earn different digital currencies and even claim NFT rewards without hassles.

Making Money playing this game depends on how much daily quest you completed and moreso, there's a Wheel of Fortune to spin as well.

Crypto Cats Game can either be play online and offline. However, you'll still be enables to earn digital assets when playing offline.

Ethereum Blast

Ethereum Blast game is a colourful combos game that allows players to earn ether when they match 2 colourful combos together. This crypto earning game is very addictive and most times when you play, you’ll totally forget you’re actually playing to earn Ethereum.

Ethereum Blast Crypto Game

Ethereum Blast Crypto Game features irreverent space creatures, explosive power-ups, and luminous stones. Most importantly Ethereum blast lets you earn Bling Points which you can cash out for fractions of crypto.

Bitcoin Food Fight

Bitcoin Food Fight Game is an app that let players earn Bitcoin directly while playing from their Android phone. This crypto game features knife-throwing gameplay and the only way players earn digital assets is when they accumulate bling points and these points can be redeemed into Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Food Fight Crypto Game

Players don’t really need to win a game, the main thing is to just play games on Bitcoin Food Fight and winning only increases your bling points.

Bitcoin Food Fight let players register an account so that their coins and record can be stored for future reference. Therefore, before you start playing, login to your account to earn bling points.

Players can cash out their coins in 7 days. Bitcoin Food Fight offer’s an easy way to earn bitcoin and that’s why it’s one of the best crypto games to make money in 2022.

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