Top 5 Most Expensive NFTs Art in History

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) has been the latest internet craze. In the past two (2) years, this digital asset (NFT) have hold a large percentage in the crypto world. These NFT art are becoming increasingly popular and some of them are selling for a very high price for as high as million dollars.

Collections of Unique Digital Art (i.e NFTs) are backed by a Blockchain Technology, especially Ethereum Blockchain and each NFT art has it own unique digital Identification code and Meta data that are attached to a specific owner. This Identification code and Meta data cannot be interchange.

However, explaing NFT is not the primary reason of this article. For more information about NFT, read that here

Three (3) of the latest NFT Craze in Africa are the Baba Onilu Picture (The Drummer and the Smile) which was sold as NFT for one 1million naira, The Coffin Dance Video NFT which was sold for one $1million and three (3) Photographs sold as NFT on OpenSea for N740,000.

Inspire that NFTs is being sold for high prices, there are most expensive among them and I have highlighted the top five (5) most expensive in history.

Five (5) Most Expensive NFTs Sold

1. The Merge

This NFT art was sold for $91.8 Millions on Nifty Gateway Marketplace.

The Merge NFT

Merge is the most expensive NFT ever sold. This art was created by a digital artist called PAK  and was sold 91.8 Million Dollars on Nifty Gateway Marketplace on DEC 2, 2021.

The image is creative and consists of large white masses - that looks like one of those Earth on solar system - dots against a black background. Merge was sold to 28,983 collectors who bought 312,686 units of mass (which were single non-fungible token). The beginning price of these units was 575 dollars, which increased by 25 dollars every six (6) hours.

The more mass buyers accumulated, the larger their mass would become. The NFT has a built-in scarcity mechanism that ensures the token supply decreases over time. Every Merge token which is transferred merges with the token of the recipient wallet, resulting in a higher mass value and a single token.

Merge is a kind of controversy over whether it is the most expensive NFT to ever sell because it's owned by multiple collectors instead of single person. However this is chosen to top our most expensive NFTs ever sold.

2. The First 5000 Days

This digital art was sold as NFT for $69 Millions at Christies Auction House.

The First 5000 Days NFT

This NFT is the second most expensive NFT art to be sold in history and first most expensive to be sold to a single collector.

The First 5000 Days was created by Beeple and the idea comes as a collage of 5000 individual NFTs in every day’s series.

This digital art (NFT) was sold on February 21, 2021 to Vignesh Sundaresan with the pseudonymous MetaKovan for $69m at the Christies Auction House.

According to the originated story of this NFT, Beeple focused on creating one piece of art every day in 2007, and these art works are collaged to make "The First 5000 Days" NFT.

The uniqueness and time dedicating coupled with the fact that Beeple's piece of art are always top notch made it that weigh expensive.

3. Clock

This digital piece of art was sold for $52.74 Millions Making it becomes third most Expensive.

Clock NFT

This NFT art is similar to Merge. It's also created by Pak and sold to 10,000 collectors, that's, it isn't owned by a single people.

Clock is the third most expensive NFT art in history, it was sold to 10,000 buyers for 52.74 Millions Dollars in February, 2022.

This NFT was created to assist by raising funds for Julian Assange’s legal defence after he was controversially imprisoned in May 2019. Julian Assange is a founder of WikiLeaks and he is currently imprisoned on charges of espionage against the US Government.

The digital art work "Clock" literally counts and displays the number of days Assenge has spent imprisoned.

Clock was ultimately bought by AssangeDAO – a collection of over 10,000 people pooling their money to buy the NFT and support Assange. Each of them owns a share of the NFT. However, 100 percent of the proceeds went to the Wau Holland Foundation, which supports Assange’s defence.

4. Human One

This digital art was sold for $28.9 Millions making it one of the most expensive NFT art.

Human One NFT

Human One is the fourth most expensive NFT art ever sold. It's also the second Beeple-created NFT. This digital piece of art was auctioned at Christie's 21st Century Evening sale on November 9, 2021 for 28.9 Millions Dollars.

Human One is a digital/physical hybrid artwork designed by Beeple. It is a life-generative sculpture consisting of an astronaut wandering across shifting environments. It is said that the inspiration for the piece came from experiments combining multiple TVs into different shapes and patterns. 

The interesting feature about this NFT is that, according to Beeple, it can change, and he will update it in the future so as not to remain static.

5. Crypto Punk #5822

CryptoPunk #5822 was sold for $23.7 Millions making it Fifth most Expensive NFT in history.

CryptoPunk#5822 NFT

CryptoPunk is an NFT collection on the Ethereum Blockchain. It's #5822 is the 5th most expensive NFT ever sold. The NFT art sent the internet into a frenzy when it was sold for $23.7M on February 12, 2022.

Looking at why it's this expensive, CryptoPunk #5822 has only in attribute. However, only two (2) percent of the collection has just one attribute, making it very rare. In addition, it has a bandana which only 5% of the collection share.

CryptoPunk #5822 is part of the Alien skin, which is the rarest possible skin to have (0.09% chance). The high number of rare attributes has undoubtedly driven the crazily high price of this CryptoPunk.

- CryptoPunk #5822 NFT

CryptoPunk#5822 has possessed multiple bids of over 1000ETH (estimated three (3) millions dollars) throughout the token lifecycle.

However, these have all been denied by the owner. The owner – 0xDeepak has listed it for tens of thousands of ETH on multiple occasions but it has not been collected.

Here comes the end of the article - "Five (5) most expensive NFT art in history". I hope you find this story Interesting? Please do more by sharing this to any social media in the world. Cheer!


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