Hope Bank: Review of Another Neobank (Digital Bank) in Nigeria

Hope PSBank

These days, technology has made it easy for everyone to access bank features via mobile devices from their comfort zone. Hope Bank is another Neobank (digital bank) in Nigeria that allows you to access banking services easily through it leveraged digital technologies, which is also used to deliver inclusive financial services to it users.

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Hope Payment Service Bank is a subsidiary of  Unified Payment Services Limited. The digital bank was incorporated in September, 2019.

Hope Bank mission and vision is to provides "Accessibility", "Availability", "Affordability" and "Awareness" of digital financial services to everyone especially the unbanked.

#News: Hope PSBank Partner With FG To Provides 77,400 Employment.  -News@Vanguard.

Hope Payment Service Bank, PSBank is a Nigeria's Premier Digital Bank, the bank connect with Nigeria Government through the Ministry of Labour and Productivity to provides 77,400 jobs across Nigeria.

The payment services bank, PSBank aim to make this work by empowering hundreds (100) Nigerians in each of the 774 local government in Nigeria.

At the official launch of the collaboration in Abuja Nigeria, Hope PSBank Managing Director, Mr. Ayotunde Kuponiyi reviews the bank to be an "enabling platform that would interface with 77,400 beneficiaries chosen from the special works programme of the federal government FG for self-employment".

Without much time wasted, let dive into the primary reason of this article, "Hope PSBank Review".

About Hope Payment Services Bank (Hope PSBank)?

Hope PSBank, simply means Hope Payment Service Bank. The bank is a Neobank or Digital Bank in Nigeria that provides digitalized banking services to the banked and to the unbanked.

The payment service bank is a privately-owned digital bank; a subsidiary of Unified Payment Service Bank Limted which was founded in September 2019.

Hope PSBank was established to offers financial services such as, sending money, receive money, withdraw funds and other banking services through its leveraging digital technology.

The bank tags itself to focus on 4As which means Accessibility, Availability, Affordability and Awareness of Digital Financial Service.

In addition, Hope Bank allows every phone users to easily and conveniently enjoy instant digital financial and payment services with his or her phone number used as account number and also as means of payment across all channels such as web, automated teller machines(ATM), agency outlets, person-to-person on personal devices merchants’ points of sale (POS) and so on.

Products and Services Offers by Hope Bank

Hope PSBank offers the following banking products and services to customers.

Zero Opening Balance of Account

This service is available to all account type on Hope Bank. The bank allow you to open account via USSD code simply by dialing *569*9# on your mobile device or create an account on Hope Bank App or Hope Bank Internet Banking.

However, Hope PSBank Account Opening is basically done online. No physical location is required.

Transfer Money

Hope PSBank let you send money to any bank in Nigeria. The transaction is fast, easy, seamless and save. However, you can also receive transfer from another local bank in Nigeria to you Hope PSBank's Account.

Request Money

Like some Neobank in Nigeria, Chipper Cash and Kuda, Hope PSBank also allow users to request money from their contact list. As phone number is used as account number on the platform, user will synchronized their contact list with the Hope PSBank's App to gain access to your contacts list.

Bill Payment

Hope PSBank gives rooms to payment of bills such as utility bills, school bills, travel bills and any other bills allowed in the platform.

Buy Airtime and Data

You can also top up or refill your phone on Hope PSBank convenient and comfortably. The bank gives charge-back on every recharge you made.

In addition, this Airtime and Data refill can be done using hope psbank ussd code - *569*9# or via the bank's mobile app.

Cardless Withdrawal

You can simply generate pin on your mobile app for cardless withdrawal. This pin can be used at any ATM, POS, Hope PSBank Branch or Hope PSBank Agents.

Hope PSBank Self Service

Hope PSBank Account can be set to manage calendar and set reminder to make payment on your behalf.

Hope PSBank Mobile App

Aside USSD and web application, an app is also designed for users to manage their Hope PSBank Account. The Hope PSBank App have a good user's friendly and good user's interface which will let it easy for you to navigate through the dashboard.

Hope PSBank Mobile Application Dashboard

Hope PSBank Mobile App is available on Playstore for Download. In addition, here are what you can do on Hope Digital App.

Account Opening, Cash Deposits, Pay Bills, Phone Refills, Balance Enquiry, Cash Withdrawals, Funds Transfer, NIN registration, BVN registration and many more.

Hope PSBank Digital Solutions.

Hope PSBank has provides numerous digital solutions to manage your account with ease. This solutions can also be classified as part of products and services offers by Hope Bank. Below are digital solutions offers by Hope PSBank.

Hope Wallet

This is a digital wallet offer by Hope PSBank that can be used to receive funds seamlessly with ease. Hope Wallet is categorized into three (3) main part;

Hope Wallet

This is an ordinary wallet which can be opened by individual and can be fund with ease for regular payments.

Hope Third-party Wallet

This type of wallet is open by Hope PSBank Agents.

Hope Kool Teen Wallet

This type of wallet is designed for kids ranging from age 12 to 17. The wallet account can be opened by kid's parents or guardians.

However, here are benefits of Hope Digital Wallet.

  • No Bank Verification Number (bvn) is required.
  • It can be created using USSD code - *569*9#
  • No card required for withdrawing, rather it support cardless withdrawal at POS, ATMs, Hope Agents or on web transactions.
  • This wallet is a multipurpose wallet
  • It only accept cumulative balance of N300,000
  • Hope wallet can be created for self, staff, family and friends purposes
  • You can transfer from, and receive funds to the wallet. 
  • Your phone number is used as your account number.
  • Funds can be sent to any bank in Nigeria from hope digital wallet.

Hope PSBank Account

This section consist of all types of Hope PSBank Account that can be opened by individual and businesess.

Hope Kiddies Savings Account

This account is a savings account for children not up to eighteen (18) years. Parents or guardians are required to open this account for their children.

This Hope Kiddies Savings Account gives parents or guardians opportunity to save for their kid's future and build them on how to manage finances right from their young age. These can serves as the benefits of Hope PSBank Kid Account.

Hope Savings Account

Among other savings account in Nigeria, Hope Savings Account also allows individual to save for future needs.

Hope PSBank Savings Account is an Individual Account that can be opened with zero opening balance, BVN is required and a registered phone number is also needed to open this account.

Any individual having hope savings account will be able to direct debit instruction using the bank unique personal assistant, pay bills, do cardless withdrawal and transfer funds to ant local bank in Nigeria.

Hope Salary Savings Account

This is another type of account that offers comprehensive and flexible banking services to all salaried customers. It offers employees seamless and convenient access to their salaries.

Hope Salary Account (Savings) has no minimum daily balance or minimum opening balance, and it can be used for requesting loans.

Registered phone number and Bank Verification Number (BVN) are required to open this type of account on Hope PSBank.

Hope Salary Current Account

This type of account possesses everything in salary savings account with more exclusive features being added. Hope Salary Account (Current) offers Hassle-free access to salaries and a multitude of convenient banking facilities.

And of course this account has no minimum opening balance or minimum daily balance. Registered phone number and bank verification number (bvn) are also required to open the account.

This account can be used to send money, receive send, pay bills, do cardless withdrawal and perform all other transactions a current account is capable of doing.

Hope Joint Account

This a type of savings account that allow maximum of three (3) people to save toward future needs. Doing this, it facilitate savings culture for it's targeted groups.

Hope Joint Account has no minimum opening balance and daily balance, however, it have an interest rate which is competitive.

In addition to that, phone number of all participants and BVN are required to open this account. When talking about the features and benefits of this account, we can mention bill payment or funds transfer but that's not new.

One of the major reasons people prefer joint account is trust issues, as all signatories will receive notification for digital PIN selection once account is opened and also, all signatories are prompted real-time to approve transactions on the go. Account is debited once the Signatories approve in line with the mandate on the account.

Hope Current Account

This type of account is designed for uninterrupted and wide range of business transactions with third-parties. It enables an easy and seamless way to manage your daily finances and perform routine banking transactions seamlessly.

Hope Current Individual Account minimum opening balance is N10,000 and bvn, phone number plus other documents such as referee etc are required to open this type of account. Visit this link for more details about the Hope PSBank Joint Account Requirements.

Hope PSBank Business Account

Hope Business Account is the type of account designed for Corporation, Organization and Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) to give easy banking services to their Businesses.

Hope PSBank offer digital accounts to businesess to get them operating on the Go by combining this ease of banking with bespoke solutions and services for their convenience.

Also this account can be accessed by registered micro businesess, sole proprietorship, partnership business, companies, NGO, unregistered business, charities, clubs and so on.

Other Products and Services Offers by Hope PSBank are

Telephone POS

Hope Digital Collection

Hope Marketplace

How to Open an Account on Hope PSBank

To register an account with Hope Payment Service Bank is easy, all you need to do is gather all the documents needed and follow the below step by step guides to Open Hope PSBank Account.

However for requirements on each account type of Hope PSBank, visit this page to find out what documents you will need to provide to open an account with Hope Bank.

How to Open Hope PSBank Account via USSD Code

Below are guides to register an account on Hope PSBank using *569*9#.

  • On your mobile device, dial *569*9# and follow the next prompt.
  • You full name will be required however, no bvn is required.
  • This type of account is an easy save account or better still a wallet.
  • You will need to create a 6 to 8 digit PIN which will be used as protection whenever you want to carry out any transactions on the account.

After your successful account registration, your phone number will be used as your account number and it can be sent to anyone within Nigeria for cash deposit.

How to register Hope PSBank Account 

Follow the below instructions to create/open account with Hope PSBank.

  • Go-to Hope Bank Official website and click on "Open Account".
  • On the next page, scroll down and select the type of account your want to create. Either personal or business account.
  • Fill in and submit all that required to complete the account opening application
  • Submit your application and wait for them to get in touch with you on further steps to take.

Note, Hope PSBank is a Neobank and all activities are digitalized and done online, including account opening.

Hope PSBank Agency Banking (Hope PSBank POS)

People can make money by becoming Hope PSBank Agents. You will be given a Telephone POS to provide banking services to the unbanked area. By doing this, you will be earning commission and it can be a business that will set you free financial problems.

There are many features, benefits and advantages regarding the Hope PSBank Agents. And if you are willing to be part of Hope PSBank Agents, follow the given instructions below.

How to become an Agent of Hope PSBank.

Here is how to become an Agent to Hope Bank.

  • Visit this page https://hopepsbank.com/Agency and click on "Become An Agent".
  • Select the type of agent account you want to become.
  • Fill in the required documents. For individual account, you will need to fill in your name, email address, phone number, business address state and country.
  • And for business account, you will need to fill everything above including business name, business registration number, number of years in business, business phone number, nature of business, business email and so on.
  • Then click on "Proceed To Payment" to complete your Agent Registration.

Terms and Conditions are applied. Also their are criteria and documents needed to become Hope PSBank's Agent.

Requirements to become Hope Bank Agent

To become an Agent of Hope PSBank, you will need the following documents and information;

A Registered Business Name, Minimum Financial Capacity of N100,000, Email Address, Phone Number, Physical Businesess Location, Referee, BVN and So on.

Contact Information Of Hope PSBank

Below are the contact information of Hope PSBank;

Hope PSBank Headquarter: Hope Payment Service Bank Ltd, Commerce House, 1, Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Email Address[email protected] or [email protected]


Hope PSBank Websitehopepsbank.com

Hotline/ Customer Care Number: 01-2272871

For Hope PSBank Contact Us Page

Hope PSBank Social Media Pages

Instagram: @hopepsbank

Facebook: @hopepsbank

Twitter: @hopepsbank

I hope you find this article helpful, for more questions and enquiry about Hope Payment Service Bank, kindly use the comment section and don't hesitate to share this article anywhere in the world. Cheers!


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