How to verify Binance account in Nigeria

How to verify Binance account in Nigeria

Hello, here's is a simple step by step tutorial to verify a Binance account in Nigeria. Binance is the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the world. So to join Binance platform and begins carrying out Binance activities such as trading of cryptocurrency, withdrawing crypto, transferring crypto or even become a merchant that sell asset, you will need to verify your account before you will be enables to carry out those transactions.

Binance is used by millions to perform their crypto activities, also many Nigerians trade their cryptocurrencies on Binance Exchange, as they find it as a very reliable and trustworthy crypto platform.

In this article, how to verify a Binance account in Nigeria is best explained. When you register an account with Binance Exchange, you will be required to verify the account with some certain documents before the account is activated to trade cryptocurrencies. 

However, there are levels of verifications when verifing Binance account in Nigeria. These levels determine user's withdrawal limit and after the full verification is completed, user will be enables to become a merchant and be selling assets on Binance, buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, use robot like royal q, bot z etc to trade for daily profit.

To save you from skyscraper stories, you can simply use the table of contents provided below to jump to your preferred segment in this Binance verification tutorial.

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How do I verify my Binance account?

As I said earlier that Binance account verification is based on levels, this levels determine user's limit of using the account and the levels will be highlighted in this article segment.

Binance account verification levels

Binance has three levels of verifications, they are;

Binance Level 1 Verification - which involves submission of your basic information and identification requirements. Completion of level 1 will qualify you to the next level.

Binance Level 2 Verification - This involves residential address authentication. You must input a physical location address because it will be verified through the social amenities bills your submitted in level 1. Also make sure that the bills you're using must carry your names as it it in your Binance account.

Binance Level 3 Verification - This is the last step of verification. After you've successfully submitted level 1 and 2, the remaining is left for the Binance teams to review your documents and information you've submitted. Once approved, you will have full access to your Binance account. But if it's not approved, reasons will be stated and you can start again.

How to verify your Binance account in Nigeria

This segment is where the "how to verify Binance account in Nigeria" step-by-step tutorial started. Though the procedure might be stressful but trust me Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and will do everything to protect its users from scam or being scammed.

Steps to verify Binance account in Nigeria.

Level 1

  • Login to your Binance account via app or register an account on Binance website if you haven't.
  • To begin the Identity verification process, go to user center. Touch the icon that looks like a figure on the top right centre of the homepage. Next, click on identification. If you're a new user, click get verified. You will see Verified, Verified plus and Enterprise verification and the different withdrawal and deposits limits.
  • Click start now to verify your account. Choose you country resides. Enter your personal information such as; Government issued ID you'd like to use, and facial recognition, then click on continue. Next, enter your personal information such as proof of address, Email, phone number, full name, date of birth (DOB), residential address. Make sure everything tallies with the documents you are providing because you can’t change after submission.
  • Snap your ID card document both front and back and upload. Accepted Government issued ID cards are; international passport, drivers’ licence, National identification number (NIN), voters’ card is also accepted. Follow the instructions to upload the ID card document.
  • Identity verification, the Facial capturing aspect of it, if you do not blink your eyes or take photo in an illuminated environment it may be difficult to go through. Enable camera access on your device or your identity cannot be verified.
  • To complete the Identity Verification process, go through or recheck all the information you've submitted to be sure everything is inputted correctly and tallies.

Level 2 

After you've successfully completed the level 1 verification, you can then proceed to level 2 verification. In level 2, you will required to provides and submit prove of address documents which they includes utility bills (such as Electricity bill, Water bills, Waste Management bills, or Internet receipt) and bank statement.

Note: Name on bill you'd like to submit must correspond with the name on your Binance account.

Level 3

This is the last level of verification in Binance; Source of wealth declaration.

When you've successfully completed the level 1 and 2 verification, you may be required to fill the source of wealth declaration form if you trade a very high volume of cryptocurrencies on daily basis on Binance Exchange.

Source of wealth declaration simply means Binance want to know your source of income or job you do to make a living.

Your success is in your hands as such try doing something today like trading crypto currency. You can be selling USDT in Binance Account.

How long does Binance verification takes?

Binance Know Your Customer (KYC) Verification usually takes 24 hours after you've submitted your documents. In some cases where there's holiday, it may take 10days for the verification to reviewed, approved or completed.

Can I verify my Binance account using my BVN

Using of Bank Verification Number (BVN) to verify Binance account in Nigeria is no more available due to the ban of trading of cryptocurrencies by the Nigerian Government.

Therefore, BVN cannot be used to verify Binance account in Nigeria.

Thanks for reading this Binance Account Verification Process, I hope you find this article useful? Please join out telegram channel  for more exclusive articles.


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