Cash Advance and Debit Card; How it Works

How to get a Debit Card Cash Advance

Cash advance is a Financial service provided by Card issuers to let cardholders to immediately withdraw cash through an ATM or over the counter at bank. This service is a short-term loan that must be pay back and it's usually offered by Credit Card issuers.

However, in this article, we'll be discussing how cash advance and debit card works; Can I get cash advance with a debit card?

Yes, you can use a debit card to get Cash Advance.

Why people get a Cash Advance?. People get a Cash advance if a fast cash is needed, or their atm card limit is too low or needs cash to solve sudden financial problems such as house renovation, car damage, school fees etc.

A cash advance might be the best option to get solutions to all these Financial problem, since the short-term loan can be accessed using a credit card or debit card.

Cash Advance and Debit Card, how it works.

When a cash advance is mentioned, people actually think it's a credit card options, whereby you take out money using your credit card and the amount spent will be added to your total balance which will be later paid off.

However, a debit card cash advance is totally different. Instead of adding funds to a revolving balance, it takes it out the money seamlessly from your checking account.

How to get a Cash Advance using a Debit Card

Follow this below step-by-steps guide to get a Cash Advance using a Debit Card.

  • First of all, visit the nearest local bank or credit union and talk to a teller.
  • Request for cash advance using a debit card.
  • The teller will guide you through what and what you will need to do to get the cash advance.
  • A certain fee will be required to get the cash advance, probably a small percentage of the amount withdrawn.
  • The cash advance will be processed and you will receive your money iinstantly.

That's the simple guides to get a Cash Advance using a debit cards.

Key Features and Benefits of Debit Card Cash Advance.

If debit card cash advance is probably the same as taking or withdrawing money from your local bank ATMs, so what's the different?

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Well, there are some basic reasons and benefits of taking out cash advance on a debit card. However, those reasons and benefits are highlighted below.

Benefits of using Debit Card to get Cash advance.

  • Higher Withdrawal Limit; For all banks, they have a withdrawal limit place on their ATM cards. That's, there is a certain amount a cardholders can withdraw from their bank account per day. For debit card cash advance, there is a limit too but it own is weigh better than the ATM withdrawing limits.
  • No Interest Rate is Attached; Apart from the initial fee paid to the cash advance using a debit card, no other fees is attached. However, for credit card cash advance, after deducting a fees for taking out the money, additional interest rate fees will also be charged.
  • Debit Card Cash Advance can be Accessed at any Bank; This is clear enough right? It simply means you can get a Debit Card Cash Advance at any local bank or credit union. It doesn't matter whether you're not their customer or whether your bank is not affiliated to the Financial institution. You're free to go to the bank and take out debit card cash advance.

Important Notice; Debit Card Cash Advance have it own downside. You cannot withdraw pass the money in your bank account. That simply means debit card cash advance is not a short-term loan like the Credit Card cash advance. This is one of the advantages of credit card cash advance over the debit card's.

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