How to Create and Connect Telegram Account on PC

Telegram app to pc

The cross-platform chat app, Telegram is seeing surges in popularity and it's known as the second-largest messaging app after WhatsApp. Telegram has more features than WhatsApp and some prefer to use it for creating community/school group. However, the app isn't entirely secure but many users still prefer using it over other messaging apps.

You can easily create a Telegram Account for free. All you need is a working phone number, an internet connection and an Android or iOS device. After you've successfully create your Telegram Account, you can now think of log into Telegram web and desktop app. But before we dive into that, here are what you needed to know about Telegram Account on Desktop.

What you should know;

  • To create a Telegram Account, you will need a Telegram Mobile App downloaded on your smartphone and a working phone number for Account Registration.
  • Telegram web or desktop app only work through Telegram Mobile.
  • Users are enables to organized two communities on Telegram, group and channel.
  • Telegram app is available for MacOs
  • There are slight difference between the Telegram Android app and iOS app
  • Telegram is also available for PC but it can only be used or access via Mobile app.

When you use Telegram on your PC, you get all the features available on the mobile app version; Create groups with as many users as you want, share files videos, images, self-erasing messages, etc. And most importantly, you get to also enjoy end-to-end encryption for all communication. The only downside is that you can not use the video call features from the desktop app.

Telegram has an official app available for Windows computers, and we will be showing you how to link your telegram from your mobile app to your desktop app. But before you can link the two, you must already have Telegram set up and running on your smartphone.

How to create a Telegram Account on Mobile App.

To create a Telegram Account on your mobile device, first of all,
  • Download the Telegram App on either Google play store or Apple app store.
  • Install, launch and open the app and proceed with account registration.
  • Enter your mobile number including the country codes and click on Next to continue
  • A code will be sent to your submitted phone number, enter the code and tap the next button.
  • Proceed by entering your first and last name. You can also upload a profile picture to the account if you like.
  • After you've successfully signed up, Telegram will request a permission to access your contact, call logs, camera and microphone. If you like you can restrict or gives permission to it.

That's how to create a Telegram Account on Mobile App. Now to use Telegram on PC, you can now proceed with the following tutorial.

How to connect Telegram PC / web app to Telegram Mobile App.

1. On your PC or desktop computer, open the browser of your choice (Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge etc) and go-to to download the Telegram App for your Computer.

Telegram for PC / Desktop

2. Launch the desktop app on your PC and select start messaging to continues with the linking.

3. A QR code will appear on the screen.

Telegram web QR codes

To activate it, open the Telegram app on your mobile device and go-to settings then devices. Tap scan QR code and begin scanning by holding and setting the phone camera to the QR code on your PC screen.

4. After the successful scanning, you will be log into your Telegram Account on the desktop app, and you can begin perform all activities as usual on mobile app.

5. If you'd rather not use the Telegram desktop app, you can also go to on your PC browser for an entirely browser-based experience. To login here, enter the phone number connected to your account, then enter the code that's sent to your phone. You'll be immediately logged into your Telegram account without stress. This method doesn't involve scanning of any QR code, all that's needed is you Telegram registered phone number.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful? Pls let us know your opinion and experience using Telegram on desktop or PC in the comment section below. 


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