5 Simple ways Africans Earn Money from Social Media

How Africans Earn Money from Social Media

Africans now has seen a surge in social media businesess and connection opportunities around the world. People can now build relationships and brands awareness to make profit on social media. Infact, these days, people are now using social media to make passive income and some use it as a side hustle.

In this article, I have presented some of the proven methods you can earn passive income via social media. These recommendations are based on insightful analysis from reliable sources like Glassdoor, Spotify, Facebook, etc.

1. Sell your Products or Services.

Promoting your products or services on Social Media is a good business strategy. People with large amount of social followers can leverage their social media accounts into a sales funnel for business development and growth.

In addition, this account, especially Facebook group and page can be turned into a virtual online stores to sell or showcase your products and services.

The internet has become a diversed market to sell/promote your products and services without inventory buying risks. Whether Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, you can earn a desirable income with an effective business strategies.

2. Promote Affiliate Products.

This is also known as Affiliate Marketing and it has come a long way since it's inception. It's just that this one is done on Social Media. Reviewing Affilite Products on social media page is lucrative  a lot to the extent people now begins product based affiliate marketing as their side or in some cases, as their main business. However, how to promote affiliate products on social media remains a real challenge for many people.

Notwithstanding, some are really finding their ways around it. Well, that's not what I'm saying in this article. All I'm insinuating is that people are making money on social media simple by promoting Affilite Products. For instance, shampoo and hair companies may demand their newest product review on your social media pages if you own a page or group related to salon or hair making guides.

In addition, customers pay for reviews of products and services to aid their order process before completing payments. Most businesses want to promote honesty, and Africans can earn a passive income from the affiliate product review industry.

3. Earn commission through Sponsored post.

This method is also known as sponsored posting, promoting other's businesess, services and products by writing a post on your social media pages. This is another way Africans make money on social media.

Most companies have a sponsored post style and setup, allowing Africans to earn every time a user clicks on the ads displayed on their pages.

If you have a large followers on social platforms, it's time to leverage the numbers for a regular income. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and Amazon make it simple for Africans to promote affiliate products and earn a percentage.

4. Build a Paid Membership

Building a paid membership is a popular way to earn a passive income on social media. Many membership sites like Patron and YouTube offers video tutorials, checklist, webinars, articles, etc. Most people join membership sites for valuable information and learn skills from professionals, and Africans can benefit from it.

You can also organized a social media Master class which people pay to join the group to learn a valuable information or skills. Best social media platforms for this type membership is WhatsApp and Telegram.

Africans producing exclusive content and solving problems can make money by requesting a monthly subscription from members on social media. Video-sharing platforms like Twitch, Patreon and YouTube are ideal for skilled Africans to build a paid membership.

5. Collaborate with Brands

According to Meta for Creators, hand-in-hands with brands is ideal for earning money and building businesses on social media. Many customers believe in word of mouth and most trust influencers more than companies paid advertisements. Therefore, Social user with a huge followers can collaborate with brands to achieve their sales and business objectives.

Influencers can engage a brand's target audience and relay messages from a user's perspective. For example, Africans with a unique niche can host video tutorials to influence a large section of a company's customer base.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media is seeing a surge in population in Africa. This medium can be a good and lucrative ways to make money online when it's done in a good strategies. You can earn a passive income on social media through sponsored posts commissions, affiliate products reviews, or sharing knowledges. Social media offers money-making opportunities and connections for business growth. Now it's time for you to start exploring social medias for a passive income without barriers.


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