Top 5 Best Apps to Buy U.S Stocks in Nigeria

Stock is one of the good ways to invest and grow income. The U.S stock market is the biggest stcok market in the world. However, buying this U.S stock in Nigeria is a very difficult task.

In which way, at minimum, you will need a valid U.S Visa or Green card to be able to invest in U.S stock as a Nigerian.

Thanks to technology, the world has now become a global village. Yo can now seamlessly invest in US stock market or buy U.S stock from your smartphone or computer from the comfort of your home.

In this article, we've discussed the top apps to buy U.S stock in Nigeria. But before we dive in, here's the list of what we've covered in the table of contents.

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Buy U.S Stocks in Nigeria, What does it Means?

Buying U.S stock actually means you are are holding part of the company's shares. Which also means, you are part of the shareholders of the company.

However, you can choose to sell this stocks or shares at any time and the goal of in Investing is simple - to generate extra income.

As far as I'm concerned, in this article, you will learn how to buy Apple's, Facebook's, Google's, Dropbox's, Uber or Tesla's Shares from the corner of your room.

Buying Facebook, Google, Apple, Tesla, or Uber Shares in Nigeria

Buy U.S Stocks in Nigeria - How to get Started?

The minimum requirements you will need to get started on any of the platform I will be highlighted in this article will be :-

  • Your bank verification number (BVN)
  • Your Valid International passport
  • A recent bill or bank statement.
Additionally, you will need to download the platform app from Google play store, Apple app store or better still, the platform can provide its app on the website for easy installation.

Top 5 App to Buy U.S Stock in Nigeria.

1. Trove


Trove is a digital investment platform that lets its users U.S stocks. Not only U.S stocks, you can also have shares in Chinese and Nigerian companies. Trove support investing in Stocks, Bonds, Exchange Traded Funds [ETFs] and other securities with as low as N1000 or $10 directly from your Android phone or laptop.

The Trove app is available on the Google play store for Android phone users and iOS app store for the iPhones users.

The company uses 256-bit encryption with cutting edge technology to secure your personal information and data. Trove minimum amount opening is $10 and documents that are required are clear image of international passport, recent bills or bank statement and Bank Verification Number (BVN).

You will also need to submit some basic information about yourself, which includes your full name, verified email address, verified phone number and bank account information.

2. Bamboo


Bamboo is another digital investment platform that allows users to invest in U.S stock with minimum amount of $20. Bamboo secure your personal information using bank level state.

This online investment platform has over 3500 Nigerian share and every account is insured to $500,000. The Bamboo is available for download on Google play store for Android users and iOS app store for iPhone users.

3. Chika


Chaka is a digital and online investment platform where you can buy foreign shares (eg U.S Stock, Chinese Stock) in Nigeria as low as $10. The platform offers first-class access to stock listed on Nigeria and U.S exchange market as well as Global Blue Chip Companies from over 40 plus countries.

The Chaka app is available for download on Play Store and iOS app store.


Wealth.Ng is a personal wealth advisors platform that allows users to buy stocks and other investment products.

Users can buy foreign shares through wealth app and website. Meanwhile, the app is available for download on Google play store and iOS app store. not only allow you to buy U.S stock from Nigeria, you can also invest in real estate, mutaul funds, treasure bills and agriculture.

5. Rise


Rise is another online and digital investment platform that let you invest in U.S Stocks as low as $10. In the Rise app, users can make automated investment in 30 high growth stocks on the U.S exchange, fixed income asset (eg Eurobond) and US real estate.

One of the benefits of using Rise is that you get an annual returns of 14 percent which is depends on the market cap.

Rise app can be downloaded on Google play store and iOS app store.

Investing in U.S Stocks in Nigeria.

Conclusion - As we all know that location might be a barrier in investing in US stocks from Nigeria. So to avoid risk and excessive lost, I would advise you to start investing with little money you can afford to lose.

Buying foreign shares (U.S Stocks) from Nigeria is a good way to build your personal wealth. Happy investing.


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