What is Omicron Variant?

Omicron Variant by Covid-19

This virus is fully named SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant. It is a Variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

Th virus was first discover in South Africa and it was reported to World Health Organization (WHO) on 24 of November, 2021. On 26 of November, 2021, the world health organization designated it as a variant of concern and name it after Omicron.

What does Omicron Means? - According to the 15th letter of Greek Alphabet, where Omicron is derived from, which simply means "micron" meaning small in contract to "Omega". 

The variant has an unusual large amount of mutations, several of which are novels and most of it affect the spike protein used for most vaccine targeting at the time of it's discovery. This stage of the variation has led concerns regarding transmissibility, vaccine resistance and immune system invasion. As a matter of fact, due to the variant been designated as a state of being "of concerns", travelling restriction has been put in place by several countries to slow and limit its spreading worldwide.

What are the symptoms of Omicron Variant? - No actual symptoms have yet been attached with the virus. Meanwhile, some individual are asymptomatic.
had first encountered the variant in patients who had fatigue, aches and pains, but no cough or change in sense of smell or taste

Chair of South African Medical Association, Angelique Coetzee revealed that in a statement.

Omicron Variant Prevention - as with other variant, WHO adviced that people continue to keep distance and encourage well ventilated area. Also avold crowding and close contact, wear fitted mask, clean and sanitized your hand frequently and get vaccinated.

I think that's some pieces of advice to individual. Additionally, WHO asked Nations to do the following to Prevent Omicron Variant:-

  • Increase surveillance and promotes effort to better understand circulating SARS-COV-2 Variant
  • Submit complete genome sequences and associated metadata to a publicly available database, such as GISAID.
  • Instantly report initial cases discovered to WHO via IHR Mechanism.
  • Where capacity exists and in coordination with the international community, perform field investigations and laboratory assessments to improve understanding of the potential impacts of the virus of concern on COVID-19 epidemiology, severity, effectiveness of public health and social measures, diagnostic methods, immune responses, antibody neutralization, or other relevant ccharacteristics.
Treatment for Omicron Variant :- Corticosteroids and IL6 Receptor Blocker are known to be effective for managing patient with severe Covid-19.

Current PCR Test is used to detect the variant. 

Conclusion :- 225 of Omicron Variant cases has been confirmed when this post was wrote. And South Africa has the leading figure of confirmed cases of 128 followed by UK  with 22 confirmed cases. 


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