What Credit Card is Better Visa or MasterCard

Visa and MasterCard are accepted anywhere that takes Credit Cards. They have similar features in terms of day-to-day spending. It makes almost no different but the benefits that matters most don't always come from Visa or MasterCard.

Visa vs MasterCard Credit Card

If you're looking for credit card that suit your needs (should I choose Visa or MasterCard), you probably have wonder if you should at-least get a Visa or MasterCard, which one is better or which one come with better benefits or advantages? Here in this article, we've put some research together that answers all questions regarding which is better between a Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards.

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Which is Better Visa or MasterCard - Key Different

Credit cards are day to day features of finance. Key different between the two credit card will be analysed here. But before that, let's look into some credit card terms regarding the difference and similarities.

What is Visa Credit Card?

Visa Inc, is an American multinational financial services cooperation. The company facilitates electronics funds transfers throughout the world via it Credit, debit and prepaid cards.

It was founded by Dee Hock in September 18, 1958(as Bank Americard in Fresno California by Bank Of America BOFA). It's headquartered in Foster City, CA, United States.

Visa is not a issuer, they don't set rates and fees or give a credit loan to customers. Rather, Visa provides financial companies with her products ( Visa Branded Payment Service) which is used to offer credit, debit, prepaid and cash  access program to their customers.

Visa is the world's second-largest card payment organization, which China UnionPay is the first on the list. If you're willing to know what Credit Card is Visa. I hope this answer your question.

What is MasterCard Credit Card?

MasterCard Inc, a American multinational financial services cooperation, headquartered in the MasterCard International global headquarter in Purchase, New York. And the global headquarter is located in O'Fallon, Missouri, a municipality of St.Charles County, Missouri.

Its main features is to process payment between the Banks of Marchants and the bank's issuing card or credit union via her credit, debit and prepaid card. It was formally known as MasterCharge before it was changed to MasterCard. It was founded in 1966 as Interbank Card Association.

MasterCard, from 1966 to 1969, it was known as Interbank Card, from 1969 to 1979, it was know as MasterCharge and 1979 to day, it now know as MasterCard.

MasterCard was created or founded by an alliance of several regional bank cards association in response to BankAmericard which later became the Visa Credit cards issued by Visa Inc.

Comparison of Benefits - Visa vs MasterCard Credit Cards?

Both Credit Cards are very similar in features, but there's is definitely very little different between them. However, Visa and MasterCard Credit cards offers or gives differents benefits and loyalty to spenders. In this section, we've discussed the benefits of both card payment companies below.

Benefits of Visa Credit Cards

Visa credit card comes with a set of some basic benefits, features and perks, like security, concierge and ATM access. It also offers protection with zero liability, auto rental collision damage waiver and roadside dispatch.

The Visa Credit Card also offers a wider variety of travel related protection, provides lost luggages and trip delay reimbursement, purchase security, airport lounge access and many more benefits.

Visa Credit Card Offers and Perks

  • Hotel and Resort discounts
  • Helicopter and Seaplane Discounts
  • Car rental discounts
  • Cruise discounts
  • Bus tour discounts and many more discounts.

Other benefits and advantages of Visa Credit Card

  • Zero liability policy
  • Global entry statement Credit
  • Travel emergency assistance service
  • Extended warranty protection
  • Hotel theft protection
  • Emergency medical and dental expenses
  • Web/purchases security
  • Price and return security
  • 24/7 Visa assistance service
  • Car rental previledge

Benefits of MasterCard Credit Card

The MasterCard benefits and Advantages are similar to Visa's (basic features like security, concierge and ATM access). However, MasterCard offer better features in its pro option than Visa pro options.

MasterCard Credit Card offer SPG gold access, which includes more and higher quality hotels features than Visa's. Additionally, MasterCard also provide a wallet protection benefits of up to $100 of you ever lost your wallet, and online purchase insurance of $200 if your online access got stolen or damaged.

MasterCard Credit Card Offers and Perks

  • Free lounge access at over 600 airports
  • Discounts of luxurious
  • MasterCard priceless cities
  • Online purchases of plane ticket
  • Hotel discounts
Priceless Cities is another features by MasterCard that benefits its card users. It is a program for MasterCard cardholder which give them access to incredible experience in cities around the world. Priceless Cities categories includes:
  • Art and Culture
  • Culinary
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping 
  • Sport 
  • Travel

Other benefits and advantages of MasterCard Credit Card.

  • Zero Liability protection
  • Price protection
  • Extended warranty purchases
  • MasterCard global service
  • Identity theft protection
  • Access to priceless Cities categories (eg entertainment, sport, culinary arts and culture etc)
  • Complementary professional traveling service
  • Hotel stay guarantee
  • Lowest hotel rate
  • Priceless Golf experience
  • MasterCard luxurious hotel and resort portfolio
  • Air, car, cruise and vacation packages
  • Airport Concierge
  • Car sharing app Credit
  • Movie ticket credit
  • Cell phone protection and lots more.

Similarities between Visa and MasterCard Credit Card

  1. Both Visa and MasterCard are the two largest Credit Card payment processing network.
  2. Both companies don't actually issues Credit Cards directly.or indirectly to customers. Instead, they process payment between banks and Merchants.
  3. They both have benefits and Perks.
  4. They do not set terms and conditions (such as interest rate, fees, charge back, annual fee and rewards etc) for their credit card.
  5. Both compete with partnering with commercial banks worldwide.
  6. Visa and MasterCard Credit Card offer plus perks such as fraud protection, identity thift, Web purchases protection, car rental insurance and many more.
  7. Credit Cards by both multinational financial institution are accepted all over the world.
  8. They both digital payment platforms. They allow transactions using their credit cards.

What's the difference between Visa and MasterCard Credit Card?

There aren't major different between them. Visa is higher in transactions volume and a higher volume of global acceptance. While MasterCard is accepted in more countries and have better features than Visa.

However, the major different between Visa Credit Card and MasterCard Credit Card rely on the institution offering them, which is the one deciding on the protection, levels (such as premium or free) and most especially fees, rate and rewards.

Conclusion - What Should I Choose Visa or MasterCard Credit Card?

As for me, it doesn't really matter whether to choose Visa card or MasterCard. They both offers similar services and both are equally secured.

MasterCard has more features and benefits than Visa Credit Card, while Visa has higher market shares and greater amount of transactions worldwide. Both Credit Cards are equally well accepted by Marchants.


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