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Ultimate Guides to Open an Account With Ghana Commercial Bank

Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB), is one of the leading banks in Ghana presently. Opening an account with them is as easy as that. In this quick guide, we've discussed how to open an account with Ghana commercial bank, and not just that, we've also discussed types of account you can own with GCB (such as savings account, current account and internet banking) check the table of contents below for more information about what we have in this guide.

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On a normal note, every commercial banks in Ghana have a certain benefits and requirements for opening an account based on the kind of account you desire to own. Abou that, we've put together differents type of account customer can open at Ghana Commercial Bank and their requirements.

With much Ado, let's get started.

What is Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB)

Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) is a state owned financial institution in Ghana that has actually stand the test of time and become one of the leading bank in banking sector in Ghana.

Ghana Commercial Bank (GCBBank)

Many people prefer to save and keep their money GCB than some private banks or financial institutions. This is due to the rate of trust the bank has gain in the previous years.
Opening a bank account in Ghana is somehow difficult and scary. Yes scary indeed. Some banks were shut down years ago due to failing meet the minimum capital requirements and most of their customers haven't been refund with their money till date.

But because of the trust GCB has laid and being a state owned bank, people decides to open an account with them. 

Most especially, people prefer to open an online account with Ghana commercial bank and do internet banking. Every aspect of this has been explained below, so keep reading.

Minimum Requirements to Open an Account with Ghana Commercial Bank

Before you can open an account with GCB, there are some certain documents you will required to submit depending on the type of account you want to open. 

However below are the normal requirements to open an account with Ghana Commercial Bank.
  • 2 recent passport photograph
  • A valid government issued ID card (International passport, Driver's license, National identity card or Voters card)
  • Tax Payer Identification Number (Tin)
  • Proof of residence (such as utility bills and tenancy)
  • Ghana poster address or GPS address
  • Minimum amount of GHS 80 as an initial deposit.
Before we head over to how to create an account with GCB and how to open Ghana Commercial Bank online banking, let's skim through the types of account GCB offers.

Types of Account Ghana Commercial Bank Offers

At Ghana Commercial Bank, they offers differents kind of account which they includes,
  • Savings Account
  • Link2Home Account
  • KidiStar Account
  • GCB Trust Account
  • Student Account
  • Current Account
  • Domiciliary Account
  • Foreign Exchange Account
  • Salary Account
Sit back and read through the definition and requirements to open the accounts.

Ghana Commercial Bank Savings Account

The GCB Savings Account is a type of account that can be opened by individual, enterprenuers, society, church, club, trader, businesses or cooperations.

The main and key benefits of this account is that it's securely save for future fund savings. You will also have easy access to your fund anytime, anywhere in Ghana. Additionally, you will get GCB ATM card that can be used at any ATMs center in Ghana. Plus have access to Internet and mobile banking.

Requirements for Opening GCB Savings Account

To open Ghana Commercial Bank Savings Account, you must possesses and submit the following documents when submitting an opening form.
  • 1 passport photo
  • 1 Government issued ID card
  • Utility bills for proof of residence
  • Valid physical address
  • Postal address
  • Initial minimum deposit

Link2Home Account

The Ghana Commercial Bank Link2Home Account is specially offered to Ghanians that lives and resides abroad. This account can be maintain and manage anywhere in the world.

The major key advantage of this Link2Home Account is that a Ghanaian can maintain a financial inclusion back home. Moreso, account can be opened in Cedis, USD, GPB, CAD or EURO.

Requirements to Open a Link2Home Account

All requirements for current account and savings account plus your international passport. Account can be open as a current account, Cedis Savings Account, Joint Account or Trust Account.

KidiStar Account

The KidiStar Account is a Savings Account specially made for kids. When I say kids, that's, it's for children under 18s.

This account can only be opened by parents or Guardians for children and the major key benefits of the account is that - it helps kids start building their the credit score and give a finance beginning in life.

Requirements to Open a KidiStar Account

All requirements for Savings account including the kid birth certificate.

Ghana Commercial Bank Trust Account

The GCB Trust Account is a Savings Account specially made for adult (sui juris) for and on behalf of another person (not limited to minors).
Regular deposits into the account are encouraged, to steadily grow the amount saved. The account is built up as savings for the beneficiary.

A Savings ID card will be issued to the beneficiary and full access will be grant after a date set.

The Major key benefits of this account is that it's helps adults manage their spending.

Requirements to Open a GCB Trust Account

All requirements for individual Savings Account plus a trust deed.

GCB Student Account

Probably, you should have know what this account is used for? A type of savings account open for/by student in any education sector in Ghana.

The major benefit of this account is that, it's a current account and no minimum deposit required. Additionally, transactions are majorly based on POS, ATM and Mobile Banking.

Requirements to Open a Ghana Commercial Bank Student Account

To open Student Account in Ghana, the following documents are required,
  • A valid Government issued ID card. You can use your student ID card (optional)
  • Proof of resident (utility bills)
  • Postal address
  • Minimum opening balance
Note - it's not necessary that you use a ID card in the account opening. Since it's a student account, you can use your student ID card.

Ghana Commercial Bank Current Account

The GCB Current Account gives you maximum flexibility and instance access to money. This type of current account is best for businesses, clubs, or organizations.

The key and major benefit of this account is that it is convenient for frequent personal and business transactions. Additionally, account holder will be able to apply for credit facilities at any Ghana Commercial Bank branch.

Requirements to Open GCB Current Account

To open a current account, the following documents will be required;
  • 2 recent passport photo
  • A valid Government issued ID card ( International passport, Driver's license, National identity card or SSNIT Biometric)
  • Proof resident and zip code
  • Initial opening balance

Ghana Commercial Bank Domiciliary Account

GCB Domiciliary Account is also known as Ghana Commercial Bank Foreign Currency Account (FCA) - it's a type of current account that allows individual or business to transact in foreign currency.

The FCA is open in three different currencies which are USD, GBP and EURO. So therefore, you can only deposit/receive those currencies mentioned above into the account.

The major and key benefit of the GCB Domiciliary Account is that it helps facilitate foreign business transactions.

Requirements to Open a GCB Foreign Currency Account

All requirements for current account plus two referee from Ghana Commercial Bank plus sign up form.

GCB Foreign Exchange Account (FEA)

The Foreign Exchange Account is also known as Forex Account. This is a type of current account that is specially designed for individual and businesses to exchange foreign currencies (USD, EURO and GBP) at good rate.

The key benefit of this account is that you will be able to receive and exchange foreign currencies. You will also be able to deposit local currency (Cedis) into the account and change it to foreign currency.

Requirements to Open a Ghana Commercial Bank Foreign Exchange Account

All the requirements to open Foreign Currency Account can also be used to open GCB Foreign Exchange Account.

Ghana Commercial Bank Salary Account

The GCB Salary Account is a special type of current account designed for salary owners to accept their monthly payments.

The major and key benefit of this account is that employee receive their money easily and seamlessly.

Requirements to Open GCB Salary Account

All requirements for normal current account plus initial deposit of GHS 50 will be required to open a Salary Account in Ghana Commercial Bank.

How to Open An Account with Ghana Commercial Bank

To open an account in Ghana is easy. There are two ways to open an account with Ghana Commercial Bank - they are,
  • Open Account at any GCB branch.
  • Open an Account Online

How to Open an Account in Ghana Commercial Bank

Follow the below step by steps guilds to open an account with Ghana Commercial Bank.
  • First and foremore, download the account opening form online.
  • Fill the form accordingly
  • Sign where applicable
  • Attach the necessary documents to classify your account
  • Visit any Ghana Commercial Bank branch to submit your application.
  • Visit GCB branch directly
  • Request for account opening form
  • Fill the form accordingly
  • And submit it to your rep
  • Your details will be verified and Account number will be sent to your email and phone number.
  • After that, instantly make an initial deposit to activate your account.

Ghana Commercial Bank Online Banking

GCB offers internet banking services to her customers. Their online banking services is coupled with trust, reliability, reputation and top notch security. I can say those status surpassed any financial institution in Ghana.

However, in this section of the guide, we've detailed in full how to apply for Ghana Commercial Bank Online Banking Services. But before you proceed, check out what and what are needed to register for GCB internet banking.

Requirements to Register for Ghana Commercial Bank Internet banking

To register for GCB Online Banking, here are what will be required from you.
  • Firstly, you should own an account with GCB
  • Your Full name (first name, middle name and last name)
  • Account name
  • Valid Email address
  • Phone Number
  • DOB - date of birth
  • Postal address
Note - all the information required from you must correspond with the one on your account details.

How to Register for Ghana Commercial Bank Online Banking

After you've possessed all the requirements above, you are one step away from owning an internet banking service with GCB.

However, follow the below instructions to apply for GCB Online Banking Service.
  • First and foremost, Go-to GCB forms download page.
  • In the page, you will see some set of PDF forms. Scroll down and select "Internet Banking Application Form" as shown in the image below.
Ghana Commercial Bank Internet Banking

  • Download the PDF file form
  • Copy the form.pdf file to a USB
  • Print the form into hard copy
  • Fill in your required and correct details into the printed form
  • Locate the nearest GCB bank and submit the form.
  • Or you can either send it to the bank through fax or email.
  • When submitted, you Application will be under review and it may take more than 24h but not more than 7days.
  • An Email will be sent to you whether your application is accepted or declined.
  • If your application is approved, in the email, you login details will be added
After your successful and approved application, you can then proceed and login to your Ghana Commercial Bank Internet banking.

How to Login your Ghana Commercial Bank Internet Banking Account Online.

Follow the below instructions to login to your GCB internet banking account dashboard.

Login to your Ghana Commercial Bank Online Banking

Features of Ghana Commercial Bank Internet Banking.

With GCB digital banking, you can do all the below services with one click.
  • View and check your account balance
  • Send Money to any bank in Ghana
  • Set your spending limit
  • Pay bills, buy airtime or pay for TV subscription
  • View your transactions history
  • Change or reset your password
  • You can also change your login details.
  • Manage your GCB ATM card.
  • And lot more...


Ghana Commercial Bank has been in existence for over 68 years. The bank reputation and reliability has earn the financial institution more customers than any bank in Ghana.

However, this is an ultimate guide of Ghana Commercial Bank. If there's something we are missing, please feel free to notify us in the comments section. Also, you are free to share this article anywhere in the world.

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