Top 10 Fintech Blogs In Nigeria

Many years back, hundreds of finance companies has emerged with innovative startups across Africa, making Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa owns the biggest finance shares in Africa.

However, in this article, we've discussed the best finance blog that showcases or gives updates about those Fintech companies. 

Fintech blog in Nigeria

Whether you are a fintech novice, or a finance blogger looking for where to get latest news and updates about Finance Technology or you want to get updates about Fintech loan ecosystem in Nigeria, here are top 10 blogs to follow or visit in 2022.

  1. Nairametrics
  2. Morichgan
  3. TechCabal
  4. Techeconomy
  5. TechPoint
  6. TechNext
  7. TecHawk
  8. Invoice
  9. Proshare Ng
  10. Finance NGR
Before will analysis the big data, we've also discussed the meaning of Fintech in this article below.

Fintech Meanings

FinTech, (or Financial Technology), refers to new technology or innovation that disrupts traditional ways of conducting financial transactions. This includes digitizing processes that were previously handled with paper money and human interaction.

Finance Technology is not new, it's has been in existence since nearly decade and still in use till date. The term can be apply to any innovations and how business transacts.

Top 10 Finance Technology (Fintech) Blogs in Nigeria


Nairametrics is a Financial Resources blog in Nigeria. The Fintech blog is special focus on Financial literacy, Personal Finance, Financial Management, Financial Data Analytics, Investor Advocacy, Business News and Investing Guide.

Generally, Nairametrics provides visitors with Financial Information, News and Updates in Nigeria. 

Learn More About Nairametrics.


Morichgan is a Tech and Finance blog in Nigeria that focuses on Fintech innovations in Africa. The blog is new and cover many areas of tech and finance categories such as Mobile, Review, Guide, Banking and Payment, Point-of -Sale, Cards etc.

The website was create by Temitope Samuel Salau, the first owner of TEMMYBIZ. 

Morichgan mission and vision is to give more information about Financial inclusions of Fintech companies in Nigeria and Africa in large. 

Learn More About Morichgan.


TechCabal is one of the best Fintech blog in Nigeria that focuses on the smartest tech conversations about investment, innovations technology, entrepreneurship and start-ups in Africa.

The tech blog was founded in 2013 by Olufemi Bankole - one of the most popular tech blog in Nigeria and Africa as well. 

TechCabal Newsletter, "TC Daily Newsletter" is the most comprehensive round up in Africa and it's delivered to your mail from Monday to Friday, 7 AM, WAT.

Learn More About TechCabal.


Techeconomy is another tech blog in Nigeria that gives update about the innovation in technology, business and economy; reflecting on why it matters, how it works, what’s new and the benefits.

The Fintech company is specialized on latest tech and business news in telecoms, startups, finance, travel/postal.” said by techeconomy.

Techeconomy teams work round the clock to explore and explain the changing world around us by updating us about tech and business news.

Learn More About TechEconomy.


Techpoint is also one of the best fintech blog in Nigeria. It’s no doubt at the same level as Techcabal as both are strongly competing for the biggest and most popular tech blog in Nigeria and Africa as well.

It was founded in 2015 by Adewale Yusuf and Muyiwa Matuluko. Yusuf left resigned as publisher of techpoint to manage  TalentQL.

Techpoint Africa focuses on providing insights on entrepreneurs that emerged with innovative startups across Africa, experiences and highlight the activities of their investors who fund them.

Learn More About TechPoint Africa.

TechNext is a go-to tech site that give updates about tech news, reviews and insightful analysis in Nigeria. The platform publishes tech and business-related content with a deliberated emphasis on African narrative and the desire to mirror the impact of technology on the content.


Techawkng is news platform that focuses on technology, entrepreneurship and innovations in Nigeria and Africa. It’s the number 5 list on my best fintech blogs in Nigeria.

TecHawk is owned by the Hawk Media. It also show startups in Nigeria and Africa giving them the oppurtunity to create a buzz around their innovative services. It was founded in 2018 by Musa Suleiman and Oluwasegun Olukotun.

Invoice Blog

Invoice Blog is a free Business resources and insights to help grow your businesses. The Finance blog covers topics on Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance Management etc.

The parent website of the blog "Invoice" offers users with Financial Support.

Learn More About Invoice Blog.

ProShare NG

ProShare is a Financial Information Service Hub in Nigeria that focuses on Business, Market, Economics and Technology Regulations.

The website also gives information and updates about local investment data and information market; which enables it to provide critical services such as asset support services, due diligence, analytical research, enterprise valuations, and bespoke intermediations; all driven by best practice. The site was founded in 2006 in Lagos Nigeria.

Learn More About ProShare Ng.

Finance NGR

This is the last on the list of Fintech blog in Nigeria. Finance NGR is an online Financial Magazine focuses on banking and financial need of individual, Businesses, organization and government agencies.

Finance NGR was established for investigative journalism, geared at empowering the people through small and medium enterprise to survive the turbulent economy, providing sound ideas on daily banking principles as well exploring the the boundaries of international business through importation of relevant goods and services with a detailed information on Nigeria and global economic stand.

Learn More About Finance NGR.


Finance Technology (Fintech) blogs in Nigeria are websites that gives updates about innovations of fintech companies in Nigeria and Fintech loan in Nigeria and Africa as well. Feel free to share this article anywhere in the world.


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