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Send - A New Feature by Flutterwave

Flutterwave introduced a new feature to its user "Send by Flutterwave". The feature was launched to solve money transfer problem in Africa. Flutterwave is one of the Africa's largest payment network. 

The Fintech company powered some of the biggest companies in the world by providing its payment API.

Moreso, the Fintech company has recently launched Send - the feature that leaverages five years plus work of building relationships, bridges and infrastructures.

However, with Send by Flutterwave, individual and businesses can easily and seamlessly send money to those that matters. The feature is currently available to people in over 40+ countries and users can send money of over 150 Currencies.

Flutterwave’s rapidly growing extensive coverage of regions across the globe - this make users to send money to over 150 currencies across 40+ countries.

What is Send and How does it works?

Send is a payment service that allow users to send money from various countries in the world to Africas countries. 

Send by Flutterwave

The payment service works in the sense that you will be enables to transfer money using different ways such as bank account, mobile money wallet and even pick up locations. This will make your recipient receive the funds easily and convinently. 

How to Use "Send by Flutterwave" to Send Money

To use this service, visit the Send by Flutterwave official website and login. If you don't have an account, kindly register an account here.

After a successful login, select "Send Now" tab on your Send dashboard. Proceed by enter your money details such as amount, currency and country where you're sending to.

Enter your recipient information such as country and currency your recipient will receive.

Also enter your email address or sign in by using Google or Apple. After that, you may be required to input additional information "depends on your country" to complete the process.

The New Flutterwave feature can be used and access via "Send by Flutterwave" website.


Once payment is done using Send, your recipient will receive funds within minutes. You will be notified when the money is received. Feel free to share this article anywhere in the world.

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