Post Office Prepaid Card - Travel Money Card

Nowadays, people don't carry money along while traveling. This is where the travel money card is introduced. The cards are lot more secured than handling a lot of cash. They make traveling easy and Convinent, you won't have a lot to focus on. Plus a good exchange rate are guaranteed.

Post office prepaid travel money card

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In this article, we've discussed the post office travel money card - how it works and everything you need to know about it.

Launching of Post office prepaid MasterCard

In 16th of July, 2014, the post office launched the post office travel money card - a prepaid MasterCard that enables users to take control of their spending. Learn more about the launching and introduction of travel money card.

What is Post Office Prepaid Card Travel Money Card?

A post office travel money card is a MasterCard prepaid card on which you can store up to 23 Currencies. The card is reloadable and can be managed anywhere online via its issuer mobile travel app.

The travel money card is accepted in over 36 Million location around the world. It's available with Google pay and Apple pay.

The card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted and the transaction history can seen and manage via travel app.

Benefit and Advantages of Travel Money Card - Post office prepaid MasterCard.

The card support 23 Currencies in over 200 Countries.

The post office travel money card can be loaded or reload with the following currencies:-


A Great Exchange Rate

Travel Money Card is best when it comes to offering a exchange rate. No black market rate, as you will get the current market exchange rate.

The card allows you to top up your wallet as up to £5,000 at a time. There is availability of mobile application to manage a dashboard.

Another great advantage of this prepaid card is that the card is free to order.

How do I get a post office travel money card?

To get a travel money card, follow the below instructions.
  • Order the card from any post office brand or visit the office directly.
  • You must be at least over 18 years old and a valid resident of the UK.
  • A UK valid passport, driving license or EED card will be requested.
  • You can apply also from the travel app.

How does Post Office Prepaid Card Travel Money Card Works?

The Travel Money Card Works anywhere a MasterCard is accepted. You can easily top up your card via the travel app and via a post office branch. ( Note - your money may take 24 hours before it appear on your dashboard).

Features of Travel Money Card app.

Here's are features of travel app.
  • You can apply for the card in the travel app
  • Manage your daily transactions and spending limit.
  • Easy and Convinent usage.
  • Fast and reliable customer service via the app
  • When your card arrived you can activate it via the app.
Download the post office travel money card app via the link below.


Here's is quick recap of what you've being reading so far.
  • Launching of Post office prepaid MasterCard
  • What is Travel Money Card
  • Benefit and Advantage of Travel Money Card
  • How to get a Travel Money Card
  • How does Travel Money Card Works
  • Features of Travel Money Card Applications
  • Conclusion{alertInfo}

Travel Money Card is best for travellers. Pick yours at nearest post office with a valid passport, Driver's license or EED card.

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