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How to Use ABSA Cardless withdrawal

Absa bank in Uganda has introduced cardless withdrawal - The first of its kind in the country. Hence, Absa customers will be able to use QR codes generated from the bank app to withdraw money from any absa atm center without a card.

This new feature by Absa bank was unveil during the launch of the cardless withdrawal functionality for Absa ATMs, Mr. Jallow Musa - The retail director of the company said "digital payments are evolving at a fast pace, particularly during this Covid-19 era where public health is a primary concern." For more information about the launching and introduction of the Absa cardless withdrawal functionality, visit Pctechmag.

Absa Cardless Withdrawal

However, in this post, we've discussed how to use Absa QR codes to withdraw cash from Absa ATMs in Uganda.

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What is Cardless Withdrawal?

A Cardless Withdrawal is a feature that allow bank user to collect cash at Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) center without using a credit or debit card. All this can be done by generating some codes on your bank app - for instance, Absa banking app is used to generate QR code which is used to do the cardless withdrawal.

How to Use ABSA Cardless Withdrawal in Uganda

To use Absa Cardless Withdrawal ATM feature, first, you need to generate QR codes from Absa banking app. 

Secondly, go to Absa ATM and scan the code on the ATM as shown in the image below.

Scanning Absa QR codes on ATM

Once done, your phone will pop up amount tab - this is where you will enter amount you want to withdraw. After you've input your amount, then the ATM will dispense your cash.

7 things to know about Absa Cardless Withdrawal

  1. This is the first of it kind in Uganda
  2. The service uses QR codes generated from the Absa banking app
  3. Absa users can now access their cash without a debit card or credit card.
  4. The service is quick, easy and seamless to use.
  5. The New Feature introduced by Absa is safe, secure, legit and convinent to use.
  6. The service joins a host of other digital innovations offered absa bank such as the contactless functionality on the bank’s vertical debit cards, the Novo FX mobile application and the AI-powered Abby WhatsApp chatbot.
  7. The cardless withdrawal functionality is available at all Absa ATMs center national wide (Uganda)


Let us know in the comments section your opinion or experience using Absa Cardless Withdrawal feature.

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