How to Send Amazon Gift Card Via Email

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Amazon Gift Cards are redeemable cards that can be used to purchase millions of eligible goods and services provided by

In this post, we've discussed how to send Amazon giftcard by email. You've probably seen Amazon giftcard for sale at supermarket, department store, grocery store, other local store or online stores. Chances are you've probably bought one as a Gift this Christmas. And yes! They really do make great gift.

Send Amazon giftcard via email

If you haven't get one, you can head over to the Amazon online store to order giftcard packaged with beautiful gift box.

Are you wishing to give an Amazon gift card to someone very far? Here we got you covered. And we are going to unveil 3 great methods to send an Amazon gift card to someone very far, including via email.

We are now in a very advanced world, Amazon can actually helps you send a giftcard virtually anywhere in the world. Here are ways to send an Amazon gift cards to any location in the world.

Ways to Send Amazon Gift Cards.

  1. Send the gift card via email
  2. Send the gift card in a greeting card
  3. Send the gift card in a gift box

How to Send Amazon Gift Card via Email

  • First thing first, kindly visit this page at Amazon online store.
  • Select your preferred Gift card you wish to send.
  • Complete the order transactions - here you will be able to enter your recipient email address, name of sender, and value of the gift card.
  • After the complete order, the gift card will be emailed to your recipient immediately.
  • The email will also explain how to add the giftcard balance to the recipient Account.

How to Send Amazon Gift Card in a Greeting Card

  • Visit this page on Amazon online store and choose your preferred giftcard
  • Also choose a card design for your Giftcards
  • Select gift card value and complete the order - here, you will have to enter shipping information of your recipient.
  • Amazon will then ship the greeting card along with the giftcard to your recipient.

How to Send Amazon Giftcard in a Gift Box

  • Visit this page on Amazon online store.
  • Choose your preferred giftcard and select it's value.
  • Also select the gift box design you like.
  • Complete your order - enter your recipient shipping information.
  • Amazon will ship your order to your preferred location.

Other Way to Send Giftcard via Email

If you have a plastic gift card in your hand or emailed gift card redemption code, you can copy the gift card claim code and put it in an email and send it to whomever you want.

Bonus tips - this post explain best gift cards to present this Christmas.{alertSuccess}


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