How to Register a Chipper Cash Account

Chipper Cash is an African cross-border payment that allow users to send money within and out of their home country. Users can also received money from United State and the United Kingdom.

How to open a Chipper Cash Account

The payment platform is best known for it cheap currencies conversation when it comes to International transfer, and also free fees when transacting within the African Countries.

Chipper cash is available/operating in seven African Countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and South Africa. The Fintech Startup also extend its operations to the U.S and U.K making African users to receive or send money abroad.

The Chipper Cash company head office is located in San Francisco, California, United States.

In this article, we've discussed how you can open a Chipper Cash in your Country. Creating and registering of this account varies according to your home country. But before we dive into the primary reason of this article, what are the advantages of using Chipper Cash?

Benefits of Using Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash comes with many benefits especially for its home continent, Africa. Here are some benefits and advantages of using Chipper Cash.
  • You will be able to send money within your home country and within African. You will also be enabled to send or receive money from abroad, U.K and U.S to be precise. All for no transactions charges.
  • When you open a Chipper Cash, you will be provided a local bank account number which can be used to receive money from any local bank in your country.
  • Chipper Cash mobile app makes it easy to access the platform. Well formatted users interface dashboards.
  • Features to invest in Crypto and US stock are available in the mobile app
  • Money will be refunded back into your chipper cash wallet whenever there is an error sending funds.
  • Feature to request money from other Chipper Cash user just with the help of cash$tag.
  • When you refer a friend, you and your referee will be rewarded accordingly.
  • The payment platform has 24/7 hands on table customer care service.
  • Chipper Cash is a legit, legal and very safe cross-border remittance platform for both home and abroad transactions.

How to Open a Chipper Cash Account?

To create a Chipper Cash is very simple and easy. Just follow the below instructions to register an account.

Download Chipper Cash App

This is the first step first. Download the chipper cash app in the Google play store and it's also available on the Apple app store.

Launch the app

After a complete download from above apps store, install and launch the app, then proceed to sign up an account.

How to register a Chipper Cash Account (Step 2)

Download the app - install and launching. After these, let's proceed to how you can register an account on the chipper cash mobile app. Follow the below instructions to proceed with the account opening.
  • You will be required by Chipper Cash to register an account with your country phone number or personal email. Input one of the two.
  • A Verification code will be sent to your phone number or email address for verification.
  • Next, you will be required to enter your personal details, such as full name, age date of birth etc.
  • Create a username for payment - this is normally known as Cash$tag. The advantage of this cashtag is that - chipper cash users will be able to send you money easily with any transaction charges and anywhere in the world.
  • Pick a Currency. This must be your local currency. (Chipper cash support Naira, Shilling, Cedi, Franc, Rand, Euro and Dollar. (Three Countries using Shilling are Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania)
  • And the last step is to set your security code. This is a 4 digit code that you be required to enter while logging in to your chipper cash dashboard.


Here's quick recap of what we've discussed in this article.
  • Definition of Chipper Cash
  • Benefits of Using Chipper Cash 
  • How to Open a Chipper Cash Account (Step 1)
  • How to Register a Chipper Cash Account (step 2)
  • Conclusion {alertInfo}


We've discussed earlier how to open a Chipper Cash Account in your country. Please also note that chipper cash is not available in web version. Instead you'll need to download it from any apps stores mentioned earlier.


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